Patient Education

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry Informational Links

Zelienople Smiles is committed to providing our patients with the knowledge and tools to make the best choices when it comes to their dental care. Below we have provided links to sites that include valuable information for dental care. If you have any questions, please give our office a call.

Oral Health Care Products

Sonicare is the #1 recommended power toothbrush brand by dental professionals.

Invisalign is a powerful alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign uses series of removable, clear aligners to straighten teeth in a way that is nearly invisible to others.

Zoom! is a leader in teeth whitening.

BriteSmile's state-of-the-art Whitening System is quick, effective and gently delivers a naturally brilliant smile

Infant Health Care

Washington Dental Service Baby Portal
Website dedicated to providing oral health care tips for infants and young children.

Interactive Oral Education for Kids

Colgate Kids' World
Games and activities for kids to learn about the importance of oral health care

Mouth Power
Kids can explore this online laboratory to learn how to brush their teeth, what tobacco can do to a mouth, and how to make healthy food choices.